Published posthumously March 26, 2021


We trudged through the snow, careful

Not to slip on the solid sheet of ice

Which was only lightly blanketed by a

Fresh-last night layer of frozen flakes.

I put your letter in the mail box

Right before we went into the movie.

The mail is picked up at 5 p.m. on Saturdays

And it was good to know that my words to you 

Would be on their way long before the movie ended.

I wrote Dora’s name and Sally’s and Elsa’s 

in the letter.  Together with you and me, 5 cousins, 

5 girls, 5 Gretsch’s together on one page. It

felt good to be in such company. A luxury we

never had in real life- although it certainly

would have been possible.

We were together today on that piece of paper 

as it waited in the ice cold mail box and was then sped off 

to the airport.. Tomorrow, no doubt it will be on a plane 

to you in Sunny Florida.

I wonder what you will see in your imagination

As you read the names and trace through our mutual past of their

connection to us.

Threads all threads 

Woven loosely but making a pattern nevertheless!