This section includes books which either belonged to family members or which contain information about the history of the family.

Click on the titles below to learn the special place
which each book holds in the family library.


Theresa Leicht Sommer, “The Pictorial Bible”, 1873-1876
Triumphant Democracy or Fifty Years March of the Republic, 1886
Hattie Dieter’s Autograph Book, 1902
Hattie Dieter’s Travel Diary, 1904-1908
Schlegel’s German-American Families in the United States, 1913
Charlotte Sommer Gretsch’s Diary and Address Book, 1925-1927
Through the Years : An Autobiography by Nathan S. Jonas. New York: 1940.
Travel Diary of Richard F. Gretsch, summer, 1926
Army War Show, 1942

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