Ships Lists

Compiled by Gretchen Elsner-Sommer (nee Gretsch)

Regina and Philip Sommerparents of Elizabeth, Louis, William  and Anna Sommer; Grandparents of Charlotte Sommer Gretsch)

Arrived on June 1837, in New York City on the “Defender”
The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, USA found for me an entry in the Shipping and Commercial List and New York Prices Current from Wednesday, June 21, 1837.

The entry states: Br. Barque Defender, Duncan Bremen.
Nicole Rioles of the Phillips Library translated this to mean that the Defender was a British barque, captained by Duncan and it sailed out of Bremen Germany.

John C. Moore of the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside, in Liverpool wrote me on December 12, 1997 that ” As the Defender was built on the East coast of England, in Sunderland, the Customs and Excise Registers should still be in existence. These could give you even more information as to exactly what design and type of Vessel the Defender was- as all we really have to go on is an abbreviation BK or Bq. We hold the Liverpool Registers here in the Maritime Museum. I have therefore enclosed the address of the Newcastle upon Tyne Customs House and their phone No.”

Custom house
39 Quayside

tel—091 261 0981
According to Lloyd’s Register 1837, the Defender was of average size for ships regularly crossing the Atlantic. It was built in 1836, the Master was J. Hepple and the tonnage was 325. The owner was J. Storey. Thanks to John C. Moore, mentioned above for this information.

Jacob B. Gretsch

April 22, 1852

New York from Le Harve, “Gallia”

farmer from Wurtenburg

(son of Dorethea Wild of Oberstein Rheinish Prussia and Casimir Gretsch)

Rosina Artz (Married Jacob Gretsch in Trier, 1849. Mother of Emilie Gretsch born in Brooklyn 1854)

April 19, 1853

from London, “Wisconsin”

20 years old

Anna Artz (Sister of Rosina Artz. Married Jacob Gretsch in N.Y.C. 1868. Mother of Wilhelmina Gretsch born in Brooklyn 1869)

June 27, 1854

from Le Harve, “William Tell”

23 years old

Pauline Gretsch

October 25, 1871

New York City from Hamburg,”Vandalia”

20 years old- female single

(daughter of Carl Gretsch brother of William. First cousin to Fritz Gretsch.)

from Boppard.

She was probably the first Gretsch woman to come to America. Soon her cousins from Manheim would follow.

Friedrick William Gretsch

May 13, 1873

New York City from Hamburg, “Vandalia”

17 years old-male-Merchant

(second child of Mary von Gerichten and William Gretsch)

Anna Maria died in August, 1871, William remarried June 1, 1872, William died September 3, 1875.

Louis Gretsch

June 17, 1876

New York City from Hamburgand Le Harve, “Pommeranzed”

16 years old -male- merchant

(fifth child of Mary von Gerichten and William Gretsch)

Pauline Gretsch

Octoer 16, 1877

New York City from Hamburgand Le Harve, ” Gellert”

21 years old-Single- Female

(third child of Mary von Gerichten and William Gretsch)

Phillipine Gretsch

February 21, 1878

18 years old

New York City from Hamburgand Le Harve “Lessing”

(sixth child of Mary von Gerichten & William Gretsch)

Christian August Dieter
September 13,1879 Christian Dieter, 21 Bricklayer and his brother, Adam Dieter, 18, Bricklayer arrived at Baltimore, Maryland aboard the ship “Ohio” on their way to Kansas

Phillip Gretsch

        July 3, 1884

New York City from Antwerp, “Nordland”

Jacob Gretsch

        July 3, 1884

Arrived on the same day as his brother Phillip but on a different boat.

Sophia Hertlein (Married Carl Gretsch, June 1, 1891. N.Y.C.)

October. 25,1887

22 years old, traveling alone, one bag

New York City from Rotterdam “ P.Caland”

Carl Gretsch

Nov. 16, 1888

26 years old, carrying three bags,

Next to a young man, John H. Kistner, also a merchant

New York City from Rotterdam, “N.J. Leerdam”

(Seventh child of Mary von Gerichten and Wm. Gretsch)

P. Gretsch

June 27, 1878

22 years old

New York, W.A. Scholten

All the passengers on this ship were German.

There was a priest on either side of this young woman.

There were only five women traveling alone on this ship.

Perhaps, she is Pauline Gretsch retuning to America after a trip home to Germany.


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