Time Lines

Anna Maria Philippine Gretsch
Rosa Behman Schnapauff Gretsch Kling
Charlotte Sommer Gretsch
Theresa Leicht Sommer
“Hattie” Helen Dieter Elsner
Maxine Lois Elsner (Sylvia) Gretsch
Hertha Gretsch
Augusta Katherina “Katie” Gretsch von Hellerman.
Catherina Dorothea Gretsch Bloss
Justina Dieter Kilian
Helene Gretsch Welsh aka Helene Hope
Emilie, Wilhelmina and Dora Gretsch
Regina Winklein Sommer

5 thoughts on “Time Lines

  1. Mom, The website looks beautiful. Your assistant did a great job – I especially like the ability to share with Twitter and Facebook. I wonder if you can have a link from this website to the genealogy site you created. I can’t remember the name, but I believe there was an iPhone app for it. Kudos for all your hard work on this masterpiece.
    Much love,Richie

  2. Gretchen as I get ready to come visit for your birthday I read through this wonderfully informative web site. There is so much info I can’t wait for you to draw me the whole tree! Nice work!!

  3. What a beautiful website, could not be more proud of my family history and the hard work done by my Oma (Gretchen Elsner Sommer) to compile this information and wonderful pictures.

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