GES On Writing

Published posthumously June 6, 2021

March 10, 2014

In these series of essays, some of which were written over the past two decades, some of which need to be written soon, I will show my life as it reflects the lives’ of my women ancestors—-

As I uncovered their long ago experiences, I found the seeds of my own struggles and joys. Researching deeply into their recorded and unrecorded traces, and concentrating tirelessly on their imagined lives, I uncovered a strong necessary connection to these women.

I began to realize how their lives interact with mine, accompanying me through rituals of education and friendship, court proceedings and family quabbles, passport applications and travel, marriage and childbirth, separation, fear, illness and death.

The more I learn about these women, the more I realize that I am never truly alone. They are always gathering about me, dancing as much welcomed children, searching as grown women, supportive as aunts and attentive and loving as grandmothers.

By putting my pen to paper, my fingers on the keyboard, my thoughts in their continual and much welcome presence, I write them into my life and me into their lives.

Now, I understand how necessary they are to the air which I breathe. Before, I hardly knew of their existence. Accompanying me, as they always have, we move together as I write. They watch over me as I watch them; we hold hands and walk silently forward or sometimes just stand still.

Together, these women and I clear a way for the generations to come —–
My writing hopes to be a tangible link in this long past, ever present and distant future connection.