Monzingen, 1788


What were Maria Elizabetha Klein Wild’s thoughts in 1788 as she closely watched the growing up of her daughter, Maria Dorothea.

Perhaps she designed clothing for “sein Töchterlein” .

Perhaps, it was the designs in the cloth and/or the fullness or the slimness of the garments which mirrored the mother’s affections her “töchterlein”

Perhaps, Maria Elizabetha Klein Wild was well schooled in writing and kept a book for her daughter.

Whatever she did, she definitely passed on something of her feelings.

Perhaps,  it was the way she played patient games with the young girl. Hiding the button under the shell and schuffling the shells and then trying to guess  which shell the button was under…..a game Dorethea would play with her own children….or perhaps the songs that Dorothea’s mother would sing with her….and then Dorothea would sing those very same songs again to her own children

……and then in 2038,  250 years later, someone finds my writings, my computer notes,it would be my granddaughter, and her 7 times great grand mother Maria Elisabeth who would then converse….one born in the middle of the 1700’s and one born at the beginning of the 21th century.

Perhaps this grandchild of mine would see more clearly the patterns that I am trying to discern, patterns of caring and emotion and imagination. Perhaps she will continue my work. Perhaps, she will be a he.