Children of Anna Maria von Gerichten and Wilhelm Gretsch

Children of Anna Maria von Gerichten (born January 8,1829- died August 28,1871)
Married (July 10, 1854) Wilhelm Gretsch (born 1824- died September 3, 1873)

For more information about the women listed below, please go to their TimeLines which can be found on the navigation bar of this website. If no TimeLine is available for the sibling you are seaching, please go to the TImeLime of another sibling where more information can be found.

1) Anna Maria born May 3, 1855 (m Wilhelm von Schleppegrell).  Wilhelm von Schleppegrell was buried in 1898 in The Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn. The date of Anna Maria’s death and her burial place have not yet been discovered.

2) Karl Friedrich Wilhelm, known as Fritz, was born on May 13, 1856. He died of Cholera on April 30, 1895 in  Hamburg, Germany. In November of that year, he was buried in the Greeenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

3) Philippina Paulina, known as Paulina, was born, March 16, 1857. On November 10, 1878, she married Conrad Benzing in New York.
On Sept.1, 1885, Paulina was buried in The Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn. She had been sick for two months and living at her Uncle Jacob’s house at 102 Lewis Ave in Brooklyn..

4) Augusta Catharine, known as Katie or Kate was born on Aug.4, 1858 and was married to Wilhelm von Hellerman. No information is yet available about her death. However, her name and address in Dresdan is written in Charlotte Sommer Gretsch’s diary, circa 1920.

5) Ludwig Carl Franz, known as Louie, was born Dec.25, 1859. He died in Brooklyn on April 10, 1907.

6) Anna Maria Philippine known as Bena or Benchen was born Jan.4, 1861. She married Max Morgner on May 5, 1889 in Manhattan. Bena died  Dec. 23, 1914 and is buried at The Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn.

7) Carl Peter was born Jan.19,1862. He died July 4,1923 and is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village, N.Y.

8) Phillip Wilhelm was born Jan.18, 1864. He died on December 15, 1912 in San Francisco, California and is buried in Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, Ca.

9) Jacob was born Oct.12, 1867. He died in Manhattan at the home of his sister Bena on October, 23.1897. Jacob is buried in The Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn.

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