Hattie’s Travel Diary, 1904-1908

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This is a picture of the actual writing tablet that Hattie Dieter used to write her travel diary in 1904. She wrote in script and the following is a transcription of what she wrote. She was  18 years old.

On the cover of the Writing Tablet Hattie wrote:

World’s Fair Louisiana Exposition. Sept. 6 to 13-1904  Helen Dieter

Frieda Brandli
Katherine Dieter
Katherine Muennig
Helen Dieter
Mrs. C.A. Dieter
August Dieter
Mr. Muennig
Mr. C.A. Dieter
Mr. G. Jacobs

page 1-
World’s Fair
St. Louis, Sept.6, 1904
Left Joplin at 7:30 pm Frisco depot
Mrs Geo. Wiemer, Mrs. Brandli, Anna Brandli, Mr. Brandli, Mr. Wenzel, Fred and Philip were at the Station.
Bound for St. Louis:
Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Dieter
Mr. Muennig.
Mr. Geo Jacobs.
Mr. August Dieter.
Miss Katie Dieter.
Miss Katie Muennig
Miss Frieda Brandli
Miss Helen Dieter

page 2-
Trip—Katie M. and I were sitting together but finally gave one-third ( almost 2/3) of our seat to a lady who was standing. Oh, no! we were not the least bit crowded. We sang on the train and had a jolly old time. Of-course everyone around us slept soundly. Several old men knew we could sing.
Sept. 7.
Arrival—Arrived at 8:30. Ate Breakfast at Union station then went to Camp

page 3-
Lewis.  (Read more about Camp Lewis in the box below) We engaged two tents. Papa, August, Mr. Muennig and Mr. Jacobs  had one tent and mamma, Katie Muennig, Frieda Brandli, Katie and I were the occupants of No. 520. We all fell in love with Camp Lewis. We ate breakfast at the dining hall and then went to the Fair. At the Fair we saw the Agriculture, Machinery, Transportation and Varied Industries Buildings. We next went to the Falstaff Inn and had
While Fairgoers could stay at the Inside Inn for $1.50-$7 per day, they could camp in for a mere 50 cents per night at Camp Lewis, a campground established by magazine publisher Edward Gardner Lewis on an 85-acre site slightly west of the city limits. Campers stayed in tent-cabins with wood floors, iron beds with mattresses and electric lights. Public showers and baths, reading equipment and smoking areas were nearby, and guests could hitch a ride to the Fair on horse-drawn omnibuses. Lewis kept a family atmosphere barring intoxicants. Guests could also enjoy nightly campfires and musical entertainment and purchase lunches for 25 cents and dinners for 50 cents in the camp commissary.

Lewis said his camp could accommodate up to 4,000 guests at a time. He had a ready market for guests as he heavily promoted the Fair in his Woman’s Magazine, considered a rip-off of the established Ladies Home Journal. The flamboyant Lewis had built a five-story octagonal building in University City moving his magazine operation there from downtown just months before the Fair opened. The building is now the University City City Hall.

On the Fair’s opening night, Lewis shone a gigantic searchlight from the top of his building. Claims were made that the light from the beacon could be seen as far away as Kansas City. The beacon is still on the octagonal building and is used on special occasions.

page 4-
a light lunch after which we went through a Pullman Car. This car was certainly furnished fine.
After Supper we “Hiked for the Pike”. There we saw Creation and went the full length of the Pike, then we were all very tired we made a short and hurried trip for home.
Sept. 8—We ate breakfast at the camp and then went to town. We visited Obert’s and Lemp’s

page 5-
Breweries. Lemps Brewery is certainly worth while seeing. They supply each person with rubber coats. Of course Katie, Katie, Frieda and I wore men’s coats.
After dinner we walked down to the river and as there was an excursion to Jefferson Barracks we went. We went on the ” Corrine (sp?) H. Spencer” This certainly is a fine boat and we had a splendid time although the stop over at the Barracks was not half

page 6-
long enough to suit us. After coming back we went to Delmar Garden which is only a block or tow from Camp Lewis. While there we rode on the Scenic Railway.
Came to Camp and went to reading room. Music and dancing was the enjoyment for the evening.
Sept. 9—Mr. Jacob left for Kentucky. We ate breakfast at the camp then manna, Frieda, Katie, Katie, August and I went to the grounds and

page 7-
Forestry, Fish and Game, Met “Toledo Boys”. They took Katie M. and I over to the Government Building and Art. I went back to Falstaff Inn at noon and met mamma. Katie M. stayed with “Toledo” . Mamma, August and I saw the Electricity Bldg. The Life Savers- Brazil-East India- France and Mexico. A supper time met Katie D. and Frieda B. We ate supper  and then

page 8-
rode on the Observation Wheel. We stayed on for three rounds. This wheel is the one that was used in the Chicago Exposition. It is 285 feet high, has 36 cars and each hold 60 passengers. One car is fitted out was a bridal and banquet car. It took 4 months to place this wheel after it arrived in St. Louis. Three men were killed at the time of its erection in St. Louis. Only 18 have been killed

page 9-
since its existence.
We next saw the Horticulture Building. Then “New York to the North Pole”. Next saw “Hale Fire Fighters”.
Back to camp at 9:15. Katie M. not here yet.
Sept. 10- Saturday.
Saw Alaska, Pygmies and the Indian School. Then visited the Philipine (sic) Reservation. We went into an Igorot village and watched them dance, sing, and work. Olbena wrote her name on one of my cards.

page 10-
While in the Philipine Reservation Katie M. got sick so her and her father went home. After dinner Papa, August, Mamma and I saw several building. We saw Manufacturers, Mines and Metallurgy and several others. Then went to Missouri, Ohio, New York, Kansas, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Saw the Cracked Liberty Bell at Pennsylvania. We also saw Liberal Arts and Education and Social Economy. We found school

page 11-
work of several of our friends. In the evening we met at the Observation Wheel and all went to see the Boar War. It is wonderful how horses can be trained to act as these did. It was late after we saw the war so went home.
Sept.11,– Sunday
Had breakfast very late. After breakfast Frieda and I went to the Ladies Pavilion and read. Several ladies and their husbands were there, finally the men

page 12-
were chased away. During the time that we were there preaching was help in the Recreation Pavilion.
Katie and Katie ran off and ” got lost”, at least we think they did. After they came back we had dinner and rode to West End Heights were we were to meet several other people. We had a grand time while there. About three o’clock Mr. Obert took us to see the show. It was good. At supper time we started

page 13-
for Fausts’. It was crowded so went to Lippeys and to Mc Jacques but they were also crowded. It was on this evening that we counted the restaurants in St. Louis. Finally we passed Hildenbrandt’s and had a grand supper. We then started for home. It would take me a week to tell of the good time we had on the car so will

page 14-
not do so. Katie, Katie, Frieda and I will keep this part as a secret.
Monday morning we saw Belgium, Austria and several foreign building. Then mamma, August, Frieda and I took an automobile ride. This is certainly great. We met at noon and then Frieda and I struck out alone. We saw England and quite a good many other ones.

page 15-
We next went to Hagenbacks Animal Show. Katie M. and I were not interest so went out and played with the monkeys for about an hour, then we went to the Baby Incubator. After supper we all went to “Hereafter” with the exception of August and Katie M. After we came out August went to Battle Abbey. He stayed there an house and we were all

page 16-
as angry as bears. When we started home Frieda, Aug. mamma and I almost ran and Kaite, Katie, and Mr. Muennig poked. This closed out grand visit to the Fair Grounds but not in St. Louis.
Sept. 13, 1904 Tuesday
Tuesday about 9 A.M. Katie M. and I went in to bid Mr. Fuller and Mr. Gulette goodbye. They begged us to stay for St. Louis Day which was Thurs.

page 17-
We rode as far as the the car line on, not in the bus. Katie, Katie, Frieda and I rode on the top and certainly had a grand time. This was our parting from our pleasant home- Camp Lewis”.
We rode to town then walked across Eado Bridge. After coming back we went to Barr’s and bought trinkets then to Hildenbrandts for dinner and back

page 18-
again to Barr’s. While there it began to rain so rushed to the Station where we stayed till 9:20. We ate supper at the Station. Goodbye old St. Louis. May us four girls have the pleasure of soon visiting you again. On train every thing was quiet- We were all good and tired.
Wed.- 13-04
Arrived in Joplin at 10:30. Katie, Frieda,

page 19-
Anna Brandli and I all rode home in Anna’s one seated buggy. After we got here there was no key so I had to go way back after one, not to St. Louis however.
This all until our next trip.
Helen Dieter

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When Cupid’s Dart,
Pierces your Heart,
Hellrung and Brumm
will give you a start.
Oberts Theater 9/11-04
(see page 12, Mr. Obert took them to the theater on September 11.)

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Helen Dieter
Helen Dieter
Miss Frieda Brandli
Miss Katie Muennig
Miss Katie Dieter
Miss Helen Dieter
Sept. 6 to 13 inclusive
St. Louis Worlds Fair
Louisianna Purchase Ex.
Ever remember
Aricultural Bldg.
Varied Industries
New York to the North Pole.


page 1-
Miami, Ind. Ter. (present day Oklahoma)
Katie and I left home at 10:00 A.M. Thursday, November 24, 1904. Had train to wait until Katie put her gloves on. Had seats to Suapaw then I gave mine to an old lady.
Arrived at Miami at 11:43. Young man “believed we were strangers”. Asked direction and found Nellie’s house. Mrs. Johnson was there. We had a fine Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner went to town with Nellie. When we came back Walter was home from hunting. Inquired about Masquerade Ball.  Nellie, Walter, Katie and I went.

page 2-
Nice crowd there. Met Mr. Stine, Mr. Swasey, Dr. Farraw, Mr. Knippenberg, Mr. Campbell.
Danced quadrilles, two-steps, and waltzes. I did not miss a two-step or a waltz. Had a grand time. Home at two o’clock. Dr. took me home. all wanted to know what kin we were.
Nellie, Katie,Gladys and I went down to Neosho River. It is real close to Nellie’s house. Mr. Green, of Carthage, was riding in a boat and I joined him. Had fine boat ride.

page 3-
We then went home and ate dinner. After dinner we went to town where Mr. Stine and I entertained the rest with music. Nellie received telegram that her cousin, Mr. Swinney, was dead so prepared to leave at 6:17 for Sarcoxie, of course we went home but din’t miss our afternoon ride.
Dr. Farrae and Mr. Knippenberg took us out in the afternoon for a ride. We went all over Miami. The dust and the wind was something terrible but, nevertheless,

page 4-
I know of one in the crowd who will never forget that ride. Can you guess who?
We stayed out until train time then had to say ‘Goodbye’ to Miami. But it will not be long before Miami will see us again ( If I have anything to say)
Mr. Green came home on our train. Katie and I went straight through to Joplin but Nellie and Walter had to change at Baxter. All at home were surprised to see us.


page 1-
Our Next Trip—July 3to 6th.1905
Katie and I boarded the 4:50 Frisco Train for Miami, Indian Territory July 3rd, 1905. Had a very pleasant trip.
At Baxter a drunk man and boy got on . We were frightened.
No one to meet us at Miami. ” Are you hunting for a hotel?” Nellie and Gladys were glad to see us. Had late dinner. After dinner went to town and to several places. Saw Mr. Knippenberg.
At night Mr. Tydings took us to “Union Depot for a Day” which was home talent. It was fine. Home late and to bed.

page 2-
July 4th.  Intended to go to Picnic but grounds were flooded. Mr. and Mrs. (Wyford (Mae Jennison) brought their dinner and came to Nellie’s. Mr. Emmet Swindle was also invited over for dinner so you see there was quite a big crowd of us.
After dinner a Miss– (Somebody) came over to call. So, of course, as we were going to the base ball game had to take her along. The game was very interesting to me. Score: 11 to 2 in favor of Miami. Played with Chipota.
Went to town after game. Sat in large window of a Furniture Store as Advertisement. Certainly attracted attention. Especially that of four young men.

page 3-
They finally came in and we had fine time. Wanted to buy girl with white hat. Finally left but kept passing back and forth.
Went home and made ice cream. Had supper and dressed for the ball.
“Smith” and  “Brown”
were there.
Met Mr. Swazey, Knippenberg, Carl Mooie, The lawyer Mr. Thompson, Mr. Farnham and Mr. Wooley.
Danced twostep to Quadrilles. Went to Drug Store and missed a waltz. Danced everything else. Lights went out at two.

page 4-
But they then used lamps. Went home way late. Had company home. Ate lunch and went to bed.
July 5th
Had breakfast at 10 AM and dinner way late. Then went to town. Came home, had supper and went off again. Then came back and Mr. Tydings took us to a “Holiness” meeting. Next morning I was sick. Katie and Nellie went to town. Had 12 o’clock dinner. Left Miami at 7:00 P.M. Had a fine grand time while there.

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