Lutheran Cemetery, Queens


Lots numbered 716, 717, 730, 731.
This lot was purchased by Carrie Sommer on
May 22, 1895. Louis Sommer, the husband of Carrie Sommer was the first to be
buried here on May 19, 1895.
Louie Sommer and his brother William Sommer (the father of Charlotte Sommer Gretsch) were in business together : The Sommer Brothers Grocery.

Lots numbers 886, 887, 888.
Purchased by Leo Leicht, (Charlotte Sommer Gretsch’s grandfather) June 14, 1875.
Please note this lot was most likely purchased for family members. The first one to  be buried there was the daughter
of Theresa and William Sommer who died in September, 1875.
Also buried here:
Charles Leicht age 90, years place of death Pine Brook, New Jersey.
interred February 6, 1971.
Viola Leicht (ashes) age 77 years, place of death
New Bedford, Massachusetts, dater of death September 25, 1982 interred October
5, 1982.

Lot Number 775, 776
Purchased by Philip Sommer (grandfather of Charlotte
Sommer Gretsch) March 16, 1869.
Please note that George Moeller was buried
here just 10 days after this lot was purchased.
George Moeller was the son in
Law of Philip Sommer.

Lot Number 718/719,732/733,
Purchased by William Sommer ( father of Charlotte
Sommer Gretsch) December 4, 1895.
Please note: no one was buried in this plot
for ten years after its purchase.
Also buried here:
Anna M. Moeller, age
51 years, 11 months 23 days, place of death 128 WEst 131 Street…NYC interred
October 20, 1914.
Elizabeth B. Moeller age 70, years 3 months 24 days, place
of death 541 WEst 113 Street, NYC, interred May 31, 1929

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