Max and Hattie Dieter Elsner in California, 1940-1960

Max and Hattie Dieter Elsner in California

A year of confusion and transition.
Max and Hattie have defintely moved from the house on Jaccard Street and out of Joplin
Maxine is living with her grandmother in Wichita Fall, TX.

February 1, 1941, Ralph married Betsy.
Joplin News Harold in the announcement of Ralph and Betty’s engagement describe “Mr.& Mrs. Max Elsner of Kansas City, formerly of Joplin”.

On March 7, 1941,  Max applies for a social security card. He lists his business address as:
Beach Hill Inn, 27 Main Street, Santa Cruz, California.
He lists his wife as Hattie Helen Dieter. Perhaps, she is living with him. Perhaps, he is hoping that she soon will.

Shortly after the birth of Paula, Hattie’s first grandchild, in June of 1941, Hattie wrote a letter from Wichita Falls, Texas to her son Paul and his wife saying that her new address was 1821   Collins Ave. Joplin.  Just three months earlier her husband Max applied for a S.S. card in California stating that he was married to Hattie Dieter Elsner and they lived on Main Street in Santa Cruz, Califonia.

In August, Maxine is with her parents in California.

Hattie and Max
980 Bush, Apt 303 San Francisco

Hattie and Max
908 F. Street, Eureka, California.

July 25
Maxine sends a lock of Charlotte’s hair to Helen and Max at:
1375 Donner, San Francisco, CA. 24

145 Munda Road, San Fransisco 24, California

Hattie and Max move into a new house.
371 El Bonita Way
Milbrae, Califoornia

Hattie and Max
16 Palm Court, Menlo Park, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elsner
175 Greenooks Dr.
Atherton, CA

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