November 27, 1994 

the saturday after thanksgiving

4:59 pm the sun is setting 

and I am looking at the dame light in the cold winter sky 

that I saw this morning as I had coffee very early 

in the dining room by myself 

(and) watched the reflection of the light 

in the window of my neighbor’s kitchen’
then it was the sun raising in the cold winter sky

now it is the sun setting in the cold winter sky
but the light is the same fleeting and grey and cold,
in the morning fading from blackness to more light in the evening 

fading to yellow lights in houses, 

and passing car lights

the house is also cold in pockets, 

reflecting the coldness of the winter night sky.
but I dress warm in Luc’s large jeans 

and rich’s warm sweater 

my precious haircut 

and all the materials I can get my hands on 

about women writers in the early 1800’s in Germany. 

happy in having time to read 

and warm clothes to wear 

and foods to eat. 


“Our language is our lived life. I have invented mine myself.” Rahel Varnhagen 

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