Gretchen Elsner-Sommer, July 27, 2017:

“Okay, so everybody knows this party is for the 100th anniversary of my Mom, who is the mother, and the grandmother, and the cousin of so many people here. So, we got a birthday cake. . actually we got three! And what Katie and I figured out to write on them and what we thought we would write on them is what my Mother would say to all of you, her children, her grandchildren, her cousins, everybody, if she were here. . .and of course we all know she is here in a certain kind of way. . .and one of the things she would say to everybody would be ‘Be kind!’ So, one of the cakes says ‘Be Kind!’ Another thing she would want you all to hear and to do is to ‘Be happy!’ So, the other cake says ‘Be Happy!’ And the last one. . .now did I tell you Katie and I made these up? You know my Mother’s daughters we made these up! And the last one is—ready, everybody?—‘Unplug’! And that’s information from your grandmother, your great-grandmother, your mother, your distant cousin. . .”

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